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Tribeca Film Fest 2021 builds a hybrid playground of tech-enabled art

The Tribeca Film Festival 2021 kicked off Wednesday evening and continues through June 20. 

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The Tribeca Film Festival kicked off Wednesday night, and it feels radically different — even the parts that are just like they used to be. The festival, which has grown into one of the biggest US events for interactive storytelling in virtual reality and other formats (as well as, obviously, a large-scale film event), is straddling the pre- and post-COVID eras, offering a sampler platter dotted with the best elements of virtual events from lockdown alongside the liberation of reopening. 

And Tribeca 2021, which

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Seraphim Capital unveils world’s first listed space technology fund

TAMPA, Fla. — Seraphim Capital plans to trade stakes it has amassed in space technology startups on the public market through an investment trust.

The Seraphim Space Investment Trust will eventually comprise bets in 19 international startups, including satellite data specialist Spire Global, quantum encryption firm Arqit and space-based cellular network operator AST Space Mobile.

Those three recently got valuations of more than $1 billion in mergers with special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), investment vehicles that offer another route to public markets. 

AST Space Mobile (ASTS) went public in April after completing its SPAC merger. Spire expects to

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Main Insights to Follow in the SEO Software Market

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If you’re dealing with any online endeavor, chances are you’re SEO-obsessed. Without SEO, there’s no way to get ahead of the competition in today’s flooded market. This is precisely why the SEO software market has started to grow exponentially in recent years, with some predictions claiming growth of about $740 million by 2024.

The matter of SEO

SEO presents a process of ranking a website in the search results of search engines in regards to the searched term (i.e. keywords.)

The higher the site’s

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Why isn’t my computer connecting to the internet over Wi-Fi?

Q: My desktop, which has Windows 10, intermittently doesn’t connect, via Wi-Fi, to the internet. We have a new CenturyLink router. I’m usually able to force the connection through the Network Settings. I’ve tried rebooting and sometimes that works. Recently, though, it doesn’t connect at all, no matter how many times I reboot or try to connect via the network settings. I keep clicking the Connect Automatically box, but that doesn’t work. Your most recent column in The Seattle Times mentions updating the drivers but I don’t see anything in the device manager. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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KC-46 Boom Operators Work Around Software Flaw

A feature in the advanced refueling system of the KC-46, designed to improve safety and ease the burden on boom operators, is not working as designed due to a software flaw, so the Air Force implemented its own workaround as the service and Boeing wait for more pressing issues to be solved first.

The issue is with the aircraft’s Aerial Refueling Software, which has preset limits for individual receivers to control the boom’s independent disconnect system. Simply put, the system automatically selects the left/right and up/down limits for the boom to stay connected to an individual receiver, and if the

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Rules around facial recognition and policing remain blurry

People protest in the street outside a protest to defund the police in a place they are calling the “City Hall Autonomous Zone” in support of “Black Lives Matter” in the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York, U.S., June 30, 2020.

Carlo Allegri | Reuters

In June of last year, following pressure from civil rights advocates and national protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd, three of the biggest names in facial recognition technology self-imposed restrictions on their sale to police.

But after a year of public discussions over the state of policing in America, there’s been

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