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Chipmaker Arm has co-founded a ‘deep tech’ accelerator in Cambridge

King’s college, Cambridge.

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LONDON — U.K. chip designer Arm has co-founded a new start-up accelerator in Cambridge to try to help young “deep tech” firms grow into the next generation of tech giants.

Widely regarded as the “crown jewel” of the U.K. tech industry, Arm has co-founded the accelerator, known as Deeptech Labs, with the University of Cambridge, private equity investor Cambridge Innovation Capital and venture firm Martlet Capital.

So-called deep tech companies aim to create new intellectual property by breaking technological ground in an effort to solve complex problems.

Adam Bastin, VP

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House lawmakers introduce Big Tech bills that could break up Amazon, Google and others

The bipartisan legislation marks Congress’s most significant push to date to rein in Silicon Valley, in some cases taking direct aim at tech giants’ underlying business models.

If successful, the legislation could force Google (GOOG) to stop promoting YouTube in its search results, or prohibit Amazon (AMZN) from selling products on its marketplace that compete directly with third-party seller listings. Apple (AAPL) could be required to relax its restrictions on iOS app developers, and Facebook (FB) could be banned from acquiring nascent companies for the purpose of stifling future rivals.

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Tech Forgets About the Needs of the 99%

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I apologize for sounding like a grumpy old man. But I’m going to go full Andy Rooney and complain about gadgets and technology that — however well intentioned — seem to be forgetting about the average person.

This is grouchy me asking: Who is technology made for? Tech isn’t just for nerds anymore, but companies often act as if it is.

Amazon and Apple got into a spat a few weeks ago over “lossless” audio files. I didn’t know what they

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China’s tech workers pushed to limits by surveillance software

HONG KONG — Andy Wang, an IT engineer at a Shanghai-based gaming company, occasionally felt a pang of guilt about his job.

Most of his hours were spent on a piece of surveillance software called DiSanZhiYan, or “Third Eye.” The system was installed on the laptop of every colleague at his company to track their screens in real time, recording their chats, their browsing activity and every document edit they made.

Working from their floor in a downtown high-rise, the startup’s hundreds of employees were constantly, uncomfortably aware of being under Third Eye’s intent gaze.

The software would also automatically

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Apple says its new logon tech is as easy as passwords but far more secure

Apple’s passkey in iCloud Keychain demo lets you set up accounts with just an iPhone and Face ID (left and center). When you log in to the app or website later, the system confirms your username and the app’s name and verifies your identity with Face ID (right).

Apple; screenshots by Stephen Shankland/CNET

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Apple has begun testing passkeys, a new authentication technology it says are as easy to use as passwords but vastly more secure. Part of iCloud Keychains, a test version

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Chinese tech companies are using ‘Third Eye’ surveillance software to make sure their tech workers are pulling punishing ‘9-9-6’ shifts

  • Chinese tech companies are resorting to extreme surveillance to ensure workers stay productive.

  • Many Chinese tech workers pull 12-hour “9-9-6” shifts. They now do so under the gaze of the “Third Eye.”

  • Efficiency reports from the “Third Eye” break down how long a worker spends on each website, among other data.

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At his last workplace, Beijing-born Jiang Yi, 32, knew he was being watched from the moment he signed into his office network.

This was because his former employer, a mid-sized tech company in the Chinese capital, employed the use of surveillance software

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