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Microsoft Teams bug is prompting users to select a certificate

A recent Microsoft Teams update is causing a “Select a certificate” prompt to be displayed to Teams users before they can use the software.

The issue started this morning and causes a “Select a certificate” prompt for to be shown while logging into the service.

Microsoft Teams select a certificate prompt
Microsoft Teams select a certificate prompt
Source: dgh19811

Microsoft has acknowledged the bug and is tracking the issue under the ‘TM261228’ advisory, where they state a recent update to the software is causing the problem.

“We’ve determined a recent deployment, designed to improve service performance, is inadvertently causing impact. We’re reverting the update while

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3 Types of Data Science SEO Teams and How They Work

When it comes to successful data science for SEO, nothing is more important than having the right team in place.

Challenges in obtaining and ensuring the consistency of the data, as well as in your choice of machine learning models and in the associated analyses, all benefit from having team members with different skill sets collaborating to solve them.

This article presents the three main types of teams, who is on them, and how they work.

Let’s open the floor with that loneliest of data science SEO professionals — the team of one.

1. The Solitary Data Science SEO Pro

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Mysterious bug is deleting Microsoft Teams, SharePoint files

Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams users report files are missing or moved to the Recycle Bin after the recent Azure Active Directory outage this week.

On Monday, Microsoft suffered a massive outage that affected almost all cloud services, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Xbox Live, Exchange Online,, and SharePoint.

Microsoft later confirmed that the outage was caused by a configuration issue in their Azure Active Directory service. 

SharePoint and OneDrive continue to have issues

Since Tuesday, BleepingComputer has spoken to numerous Microsoft SharePoint administrators bombarded with client calls about missing files in their SharePoint folders.

When the admins look

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Technology helps America’s Cup teams read Hauraki Gulf wind

The wind has many moods on the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour where the 36th match for the America’s Cup is taking place between defender Team New Zealand and Italian challenger Luna Rossa.

It can be angry or elusive. In sudden squalls it can whip up white caps like cake frosting and in calms the Gulf can lie equally as limpid.

In daily competition, the west coast southwest sea breeze and east coast north-easterly sea breeze vie for ascendancy, egged on by the warming land. At the same time tides work against the wind and add to the puzzle

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