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Main Insights to Follow in the SEO Software Market

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If you’re dealing with any online endeavor, chances are you’re SEO-obsessed. Without SEO, there’s no way to get ahead of the competition in today’s flooded market. This is precisely why the SEO software market has started to grow exponentially in recent years, with some predictions claiming growth of about $740 million by 2024.

The matter of SEO

SEO presents a process of ranking a website in the search results of search engines in regards to the searched term (i.e. keywords.)

The higher the site’s

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KC-46 Boom Operators Work Around Software Flaw

A feature in the advanced refueling system of the KC-46, designed to improve safety and ease the burden on boom operators, is not working as designed due to a software flaw, so the Air Force implemented its own workaround as the service and Boeing wait for more pressing issues to be solved first.

The issue is with the aircraft’s Aerial Refueling Software, which has preset limits for individual receivers to control the boom’s independent disconnect system. Simply put, the system automatically selects the left/right and up/down limits for the boom to stay connected to an individual receiver, and if the

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MacOS Monterey: What you should know about Apple’s latest Mac software update

Apple’s new universal control feature in MacOS Monterey will let you move content between devices by using your mouse and keyboard.


This story is part of Apple Event, our full coverage of the latest news from Apple headquarters.

At its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, Apple executives unveiled MacOS Monterey, the latest version of the Mac’s operating system, also known as MacOS 12. (Check out everything announced at WWDC 2021 here.) 

MacOS Monterey follows last year’s MacOS Big Sur. It includes new features like Universal Control, which will allow Mac users to use a single mouse

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What to Know About the Newest iPhone and Android Software

As the pandemic recedes across the country, a lot has changed about how we work and live. Some of us are now planning on returning to the office, while others will continue working from home. Many of us will do both.

The software on our phones, which have been our most essential tools in the pandemic, is also evolving for this new reality. The changes are courtesy of Apple and Google, which recently unveiled their latest phone software designed for this Covid-accelerated era of hybrid remote work.

This week, Apple showed iOS 15, its next operating system for iPhones. The

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China’s tech workers pushed to limits by surveillance software

HONG KONG — Andy Wang, an IT engineer at a Shanghai-based gaming company, occasionally felt a pang of guilt about his job.

Most of his hours were spent on a piece of surveillance software called DiSanZhiYan, or “Third Eye.” The system was installed on the laptop of every colleague at his company to track their screens in real time, recording their chats, their browsing activity and every document edit they made.

Working from their floor in a downtown high-rise, the startup’s hundreds of employees were constantly, uncomfortably aware of being under Third Eye’s intent gaze.

The software would also automatically

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American Software Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2021 Results

Record Quarterly Bookings Accelerated Growth in Cloud Services Annual Contract Value

American Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMSWA) today reported preliminary financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year 2021.

Key Fourth Quarter Financial Highlights:

  • Subscription fees were $8.1 million for the quarter ended April 30, 2021, a 28% increase compared to $6.3 million for the same period last year, and Software license revenues were $1.2 million, a 15% increase compared to $1.1 million for the same period last year.

  • Cloud Services Annual Contract Value (ACV) increased approximately 45% to $38.3 million for the quarter ended April 30, 2021 compared to

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