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Main Insights to Follow in the SEO Software Market

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If you’re dealing with any online endeavor, chances are you’re SEO-obsessed. Without SEO, there’s no way to get ahead of the competition in today’s flooded market. This is precisely why the SEO software market has started to grow exponentially in recent years, with some predictions claiming growth of about $740 million by 2024.

The matter of SEO

SEO presents a process of ranking a website in the search results of search engines in regards to the searched term (i.e. keywords.)

The higher the site’s

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Linchpin SEO, A New Breed of Digital Marketing Agency, Emerges in North Carolina

Linchpin SEO is leading the charge in pushing for a new breed of digital marketing agency in North Carolina, with the primary goal of helping businesses create experiences that their customers, website visitors, and Google will love.

After leading the digital strategy for some of the largest brands, Bill Ross, Linchpin SEO founder, realized a better way to engage with businesses. 

To increase the value Linchpin can provide to its clients, Bill harnessed the top team members he worked with during the last 18 years and built a new digital agency experience.

“Most say it’s crazy we care so much

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3 Types of Data Science SEO Teams and How They Work

When it comes to successful data science for SEO, nothing is more important than having the right team in place.

Challenges in obtaining and ensuring the consistency of the data, as well as in your choice of machine learning models and in the associated analyses, all benefit from having team members with different skill sets collaborating to solve them.

This article presents the three main types of teams, who is on them, and how they work.

Let’s open the floor with that loneliest of data science SEO professionals — the team of one.

1. The Solitary Data Science SEO Pro

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13 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Optimizing your web presence is no longer just a “nice to have” option. It’s a necessity.

With millions of active users interacting across the Internet at the same time, getting lost in all the noise is inevitable unless you take steps to stay relevant.

And that’s where search engine pptimization (SEO) comes into play.

SEO refers to the steps you take to ensure that your site or page are the first things to show up when a user enters a certain keyword.

The benefits of this are tremendous. You’ll see a significant boost in engagement, generate more leads, make more

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SEO Keyword Research: The Ultimate Guide [Ebook]

Want to learn how to do keyword research the right way?

Not sure how to find the best keywords to target?

How do you even know what’s ranking?

There are plenty of questions around the topic of keyword research because it’s one of the most important aspects of the SEO process. It’s also one of the most challenging.

Search trends and user behavior are continually changing. So, how do you create a stable process for keyword research?

We know this pain firsthand. That’s why we’ve created this how-to guide for our SEO community!

Search Engine’s Journal’s new ebook, How to

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Google Updates Video SEO Best Practices

Google’s video SEO best practices document has been updated with a section on how to optimize mature content for SafeSearch.

SafeSearch is a setting that Google users can apply to their account which specifies whether to show or block explicit images, videos, and websites in search results.

Google requests that site owners assist the search engine with understanding the nature of their site’s content. This ensures SafeSearch settings can be applied when appropriate.

Here are the guidelines that have been added to Google’s document.

Group Adult-Only Videos in Common Location

If a site contains adult videos, Google strongly recommends grouping

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