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Cool new technology or a security risk?

If you own an Amazon Echo Alexa voice assistant or Ring doorbell or camera, I’m hoping you’ve at least heard of a new technology from Amazon called Sidewalk, which is drawing a bit of controversy.

Amazon Sidewalk shares a small portion of your internet service with Amazon devices and third-party gadgets that partner with Amazon in areas outside your home.

Sidewalk is a hidden network, meaning you won’t be able to walk over to your neighbor’s house and log into the Sidewalk network and start using their Wi-Fi. The data transmissions of Sidewalk are limited to low-bandwidth connections. The devices

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Firefighters introduce new technology to quell cancer risk

While the coronavirus has been at the forefront of health news over the past year, fire departments nationwide face another crisis in rising cancer rates. Research has found smoke, ash, and other chemicals firefighters commonly come in

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