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IBM becomes first to demonstrate advantage of quantum computers in real-life scenario

Before the quantum era can officially begin, scientists must first prove that quantum computers can provide advantages over the classical computers of today which is why IBM researchers recently conducted an experiment to do just that.

According to a new blog post from IBM Quantum, the company’s researchers have, for the first time ever, reported a simultaneous proof along with experimental verification of a new kind of quantum advantage. Specifically they showed that even today’s noisy qubits offer “more value than bits as a medium of storage during computations”.

IBM’s quantum team thinks of computing in terms of circuits and

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IBM researchers demonstrate the advantage that quantum computers have over classical computers

Big Blue’s quantum team set out to discover if today’s quantum devices could be used to complete a task that cannot be done on a classical system.    


IBM researchers have finally proven in a real-world experiment that quantum computers are superior to classical devices – although for now, only at a miniature scale. 

Big Blue’s quantum team set out to discover if today’s quantum devices, despite their limitations, could be used to complete a task that cannot be done on a classical system.  

Since quantum computing is still in its infancy, the researchers leveled the playing field between the

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Quantum computers just took on another big challenge. And this one is as tough as steel

Nippon Steel has concluded that, despite the current hardware limitations of quantum computers, the technology holds a lot of promise when it comes to optimizing complex problems.   

Image: Honeywell Quantum Solutions

From railways and ships all the way to knives and forks: the number of products that are made of steel is too high to list – and to ensure a steady supply of the sought-after material, Japanese steel manufacturer Nippon Steel is now looking at how quantum computing might help. 

The company, which produced a hefty 50 million tons of steel in 2019 (that is, 40% of the total

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Here’s why superposition and entanglement have nothing to do with understanding quantum computers | by Chris Ferrie | Jun, 2021

So multi-purpose, it has no purpose. Photo by Slartibartfass.
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The Smallest Quantum Computer Yet

• Physics 14, s73

A trapped-ion-based quantum computer that fits in two boxes, each the size of a studio apartment’s shower, can create a fully entangled 24-particle quantum state.

Prototype quantum computers are beginning to surpass the computational abilities of classical computers. To achieve a true quantum advantage, these few-qubit prototypes will need to be scaled to hundreds of qubits, which will be tricky with the current laboratory-filling hardware. In a step toward accessible and scalable technology, Ivan Pogorelov at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, and colleagues have fabricated a compact quantum computing processor that fits inside

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IBM unveils first quantum computer in Germany | News | DW

IBM unveiled one of Europe’s most powerful quantum computers on Tuesday, during an event at its German headquarters.

IBM said the Q System One was “Europe’s most powerful quantum computer in the industrial context.”

The quantum computer is to be housed in Ehningen, which is about 20 kilometers (12 miles) southwest of Stuttgart. It will be operated by Germany’s Fraunhofer research institute. It is the company’s first quantum computer in use outside of the US.

‘Miracle of technology’

Regular modern computers process functions in a binary fashion, carrying out tasks that use fragments of data that are only ever a

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