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Google Algorithm Update This Weekend Is Off The Charts

There is yet another Google search algorithm ranking update that seems to be going on – it touched down yesterday, Saturday May 22nd. The tracking tools are off the charts, all of them, showing changes in the Google Search results that I have not seen before in a long time. This is at the levels of a core update or the old Penguin and Panda updates.

The chatter in the community is not matching what I am seeing the tracking tools reporting. Maybe there is a delay in the SEO community chatter because it is a weekend or Google tripped

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House lawmakers introduce Big Tech bills that could break up Amazon, Google and others

The bipartisan legislation marks Congress’s most significant push to date to rein in Silicon Valley, in some cases taking direct aim at tech giants’ underlying business models.

If successful, the legislation could force Google (GOOG) to stop promoting YouTube in its search results, or prohibit Amazon (AMZN) from selling products on its marketplace that compete directly with third-party seller listings. Apple (AAPL) could be required to relax its restrictions on iOS app developers, and Facebook (FB) could be banned from acquiring nascent companies for the purpose of stifling future rivals.

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Google Chrome will once again show a website’s full URL

Google has been cutting down the URL in Chrome’s omnibox search bar for the past few years, saying it makes it easier for users to identify trustworthy domains. However, it has now scrapped that experiment and will show the entire URL, as detailed in a developer document spotted by Android Police

At one point, Google planned to remove the URL entirely and just show search terms. More recently, it simplified the omnibox by hiding the “https://www” and only showing the domain name. At the time, Google said it was trying to make things simpler for the average user. “They’re

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Google AI beats humans at designing computer chips

Hear the latest science news, with Benjamin Thompson and Noah Baker.

In this episode:

00:46 An AI computer microchip designer

Working out where to place the billions of components that a modern computer chip needs can take human designers months and, despite decades of research, has defied automation. This week, however, a team from Google report a new machine learning algorithm that does the job in a fraction of the time, and is already helping design their next generation of AI processors.

Research Article: Mirhoseini et al.

News and Views: AI system

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Google Announces New Reporting Features in GA4

Marketers are receiving new reporting features in Google Analytics 4 to dig deeper into key insights. The platform is also being slightly reorganized for usability.

The goal of these new features is to help marketers fill the gaps of those who opt-out of being tracked and to help advertisers access the most data that they need more quickly while recognizing that those data points vary from business to business.

New Lefthand Navigation Menu

Google has announced that Google Analytics 4 will adopt a new lefthand navigation menu. The menu was designed to make it easier for users to quickly and

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Google has used AI to gamify the design of computer chips

Researchers from Google have uncovered that artificial intelligence (AI) could potentially design computer chips more efficiently than human engineers.

In a research paper published in Nature, Google Research explained that designing a physical layout of a computer chip, known as floorplanning, is a complex and time-consuming task but essential.

To help achieve a more efficient outcome, the researchers developed a series of algorithms to treat chip floorplanning as a game, components as pieces, the canvas on which the components sit on as the board, and the winning results were based on the performance which was assessed using evaluation metrics

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