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Google has used AI to gamify the design of computer chips

Researchers from Google have uncovered that artificial intelligence (AI) could potentially design computer chips more efficiently than human engineers.

In a research paper published in Nature, Google Research explained that designing a physical layout of a computer chip, known as floorplanning, is a complex and time-consuming task but essential.

To help achieve a more efficient outcome, the researchers developed a series of algorithms to treat chip floorplanning as a game, components as pieces, the canvas on which the components sit on as the board, and the winning results were based on the performance which was assessed using evaluation metrics

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Autodesk slashes price of generative design software by 80%

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Engineering software developer Autodesk has announced a huge price reduction of 80% for the Generative Design Extension of its Fusion 360 CAD software.

Commercially launched back in 2018 for an annual subscription of $8,000 per year, the AI-powered extension has always been relatively inaccessible to anyone other than major engineering and manufacturing firms. Now, customers will be given full access to unlimited generative design studies for just $200 a month or $1,600 a year, making geometrically-optimized 3D printing cheaper than ever.


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List of Inspiring .design Domain Websites and How to Get One Free

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Having the right name for your website is crucial. Your site conveys your personal identity and uniqueness, communicates what you do, and establishes your professional credentials. When well-chosen, your domain name allows you to make an impression to your audience before they even arrive at your website.

With an overwhelming array of domain extensions to choose from and more than 380 million domain names registered to date, finding a name that is both unique and available is a true challenge. However, if you are working in a creative field,

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Google Says Website Design Changes Generally Lead To Content Changes

Google’s John Mueller was asked if changing the design of a site but leaving the content and URLs the same would possibly lead to ranking changes. John Mueller said yes, it likely will because he said “if you change design, you generally change the content.”

John explained on Twitter “If you change design, you generally change the content: headings, titles, images, internal linking, URL structure, accessibility, speed, etc – they’re all critical parts of a site and I’d consider them as content too.”

So even if you think you are making zero changes to anything outside of how the page

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Congressmen ask Biden admin to keep chip design software away from China

China News Service | Getty Images

Don’t let American companies sell semiconductor design software to Chinese firms, two members of Congress are asking the Department of Commerce. 

Sen. Tom Cotton (R- Ark.) and Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Tex.) yesterday requested that electronic design automation (EDA) tools be designated as “foundational technologies” by the Department of Commerce. The label would require companies to obtain export licenses if they want to sell EDA tools to Chinese companies. The congressmen also requested in their letter to Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo that any fab worldwide that uses American tools be prevented from selling 14

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Fitbit Luxe leaks w/ slim design, revamped software

Now under Google, Fitbit doesn’t seem to be done with new hardware. A new leak today reveals another dedicated fitness track from the company that’s in the works, the premium-focused Fitbit Luxe.

WinFuture today published images of a product they say is called the Fitbit Luxe. This would mark the high end of Fitbit’s fitness tracker lineup, apparently, with a focus on providing a more premium wearable. The Luxe is highlighted by a stainless steel casing that, apparently, would come in black, gold, and silver colors.

Most details of this tracker are unknown at the moment, such as battery life

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