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Put Unique Content Above The Fold

As an SEO best practice, the above the fold area of a webpage should have at least some content which is unique to that page.

This is recommended by Google’s John Mueller during the weekly SEO hangout recorded on June 4.

A site owner named Jameson Sansone asks Mueller a question related to repeating the same content in the above the fold area of multiple web pages.

To be specific, Sansone is restructuring his site’s blog and intends to use the same hero banner, the same heading, the same blurb of text, and the same set of links at the

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15 Unique Content Ideas To Differentiate A Website From Its Competitors

Staying ahead of the competition is key in any market, and one of the best ways to stand out is through your company’s content. Since your competitors are in the same industry, however, it can be difficult to come up with truly unique content ideas.

To help you brainstorm, the members of Forbes Agency Council offered their best advice. Below, 15 of them share tips for creating content that will differentiate your company’s website from its competitors and help attract potential customers.

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Google Says Website Design Changes Generally Lead To Content Changes

Google’s John Mueller was asked if changing the design of a site but leaving the content and URLs the same would possibly lead to ranking changes. John Mueller said yes, it likely will because he said “if you change design, you generally change the content.”

John explained on Twitter “If you change design, you generally change the content: headings, titles, images, internal linking, URL structure, accessibility, speed, etc – they’re all critical parts of a site and I’d consider them as content too.”

So even if you think you are making zero changes to anything outside of how the page

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2 Reasons Why Content Gets Removed From Search Results

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, explains the two reasons why content gets removed from search results.

Google aims to provide open access to information, Sullivan says, but there are times content must be removed either to protect users or comply with the law.

Removing content from search results is not an action Google takes lightly. Even sites that violate Google’s rules with black hat SEO do not get permanently de-indexed.


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What would cause Google to remove content from search results? Here are the two reasons.

Removing Content to Comply With the Law

Google will remove content

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Fay Friedman On Duplicate Content, Featured Snippets & People Also Ask

In part one, Fay Friedman and I spoke about E-Commerce SEO vs Other SEO & Common SEO Audit Issues in part two we spoke more about duplicate content, featured snippets and people also ask. We first talked about duplicate content and duplication of URLs. I referenced when Gary Illyes from Google went deep into the topic of how Google does its dupe-detection. Fay said there are so many basics that people forget about with duplicate URLs, such as www vs non-www, HTTP vs HTTPS, canonical URLs and so much more. There is so much around duplicate content that people forget

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Google Discover Now Excludes 5 Kinds of Content

Google updated it’s Google Discover policies to add five kinds of content that may be excluded from being recommended. Publishers should take note and govern themselves accordingly.

Google Discover

Discover is a way that Google shows interesting content to mobile phone users with the Google App. Google Discover is different from Google Search in that Google automatically chooses the kind of content to show based on recent search history and other factors.


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Google Discover can also be controlled by the user by blocking certain kinds of content when Google gets it wrong as well as other

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