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Shimano Kills Off Pioneer’s Bike Computers In The Ugliest Way Possible

When Shimano acquired Pioneer’s assets a bit over a year ago, I found it hard to see how this would end well. But Shimano…congratulations, you’ve outdone yourself! Even I couldn’t have predicted the flaming dumpster fire that this is shaping up to be. And this fireworks show is just getting started, you just wait till the end of the month.

Despite Shimano’s initial claims to both continue selling and supporting Pioneer’s product lineups, we all knew that just wasn’t going to work out long term. There was little reason to do so. Shimano had their own power meter brand and

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quantum computers hacking bitcoin wallets

Intel’s 17-qubit quantum test chip.

Source: Intel

Stefan Thomas really could have used a quantum computer this year.

The German-born programmer and crypto trader forgot the password to unlock his digital wallet, which contains 7,002 bitcoin, now worth $265 million. Quantum computers, which will be several million times faster than traditional computers, could have easily helped him crack the code.

Though quantum computing is still very much in its infancy, governments and private-sector companies such as Microsoft and Google are working to make it a reality. Within a decade, quantum computers could be powerful enough to break the cryptographic security

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Organizations are preparing for cyberattacks from quantum computers

Amidst the houses and the car parks sits GCHQ, the Government Communications Headquarters, in this aerial photo taken on October 10, 2005.

David Goddard | Getty Images

LONDON — A little-known U.K. company called Arqit is quietly preparing businesses and governments for what it sees as the next big threat to their cyber defenses: quantum computers.

It’s still an incredibly young field of research, however some in the tech industry — including the likes of Google, Microsoft and IBM — believe quantum computing will become a reality in the next decade. And that could be worrying news for organizations’ cyber

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Trump’s solution for ransomware attacks: Just ditch computers altogether

Donald Trump has called for the United States government and other administrative bodies to go back to using paper records in an effort to stop the growing cybersecurity attacks.

“The way you stop it is you go back to a much more old-fashioned form of accounting and things,” Mr Trump said when speaking to Fox Business Network on Monday.

“You know, I have a son who is so good with computers. He’s a young person and he can make these things sing and when you put everything on internet and on all of these machines – you never see a

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Cyberattack targets St. Clair County, Illinois government computers

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Il. l- There’s been a cyber attack in Belleville on the computer systems of St. Clair County government. Frustrations from residents to county workers are mounting. FOX2 has confirmed the attack was discovered last Friday.

Issues have now dragged into a 7th day. People have just about had it from the courthouse to the sheriff’s department to the jail. There was a bit of good news late Thursday afternoon.

The county’s IT Director, Jeff Sandusky sent a statement to FOX 2 News saying the restoration of online services was underway.

“Beginning around May 28, St. Clair County

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Why Is It So Hard To Buy Computers At The Moment?

If you love building computers, grabbing the latest car model, or your microwave oven has whirred its’ last whirr and you are desperately searching for a replacement, you may have noticed a massive lack of supply of electrical products. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, computer chips have become almost unheard of, with the demand vastly outweighing the declining supply of silicon. This first began to affect computer components – trying to buy the latest graphics card or CPU over the past year has been like fighting a losing battle for most consumers, as they try and outcompete purchase bots and thousands

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