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US Senate approves $50bn boost for computer chip and AI technology to counter China | US news

The US Senate has overwhelmingly approved a bill to boost American semiconductor production and the development of artificial intelligence and other technology in the face of growing international competition, most notably from China.

The 68-32 vote for the bill on Tuesday demonstrates how confronting China economically is an issue that unites both parties in Congress. It is a rare unifying issue in an era of division as pressure grows on Democrats to change Senate rules to push past Republican opposition and gridlock.

The centerpiece of the bill is a $50bn emergency allotment to the US commerce department to boost semiconductor

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Mini will pause Oxford production line due to computer chip shortage | Automotive industry

Mini will lose three days of production at its Oxford factory as the carmaker contends with shortages of computer chips, amid global supply chain problems.

The plant will pause production on Friday, over the bank holiday, as well as Tuesday and Wednesday while it waits for more supplies of chips.

Mini, owned by BMW, is the latest manufacturer in the UK that has been forced to temporarily stop making cars. Jaguar Land Rover, the largest automotive manufacturing employer in the UK, closed its Castle Bromwich and Halewood factories this week, also blaming the chip shortage. Honda has previously paused production

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Buyers, dealerships impacted by computer chip shortage

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Anyone in the market for a new car may find it’s slim pickings at dealerships — yet another side effect of the global semiconductor shortage.

The coronavirus pandemic helped create the shortage that at first disrupted automotive manufactures but has now caught up to consumers as well.

“I’ve been covering this industry for 25 years and I haven’t seen anything quite like this,” auto analyst Mike Wall with IHS Markit said.

The computerized chips are a crucial component in vehicles, as well as consumer electronics like your phone, gaming systems and more.

“We’re fighting for

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Chip Shortages Will Likely Last for Another Six Months

Cisco’s chief executive Chuck Robbins said the global shortage of computer chips is expected to last for most of this year.

“We think we’ve got another six months to get through the short term,” he told the BBC.

Supply-chain disruptions in semiconductors have impacted many tech firms, caused by a surge in demand for electronics prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic and chip shortages at large production facilities, The Financial Times reported.

This has prompted providers to build out more capacity, Robbins told the BBC. And “that’ll get better and better over the next 12 to 18 months,” he said.

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A Computer Chip Shortage Has Hobbled the Auto Industry

Around the world, auto assembly lines are going quiet, workers are idle and dealership parking lots are looking bare.

A shortage of semiconductors, the tiny but critical chips used to calibrate cars’ fuel injection, run infotainment systems or provide the brains for cruise control, has sent a shudder through the automaking world.

A General Motors plant in Kansas City closed in February for lack of chips, and still hasn’t reopened. Mercedes-Benz has begun to hoard its chips for expensive models and is temporarily shutting down factories that produce lower-priced C-Class sedans. Porsche warned dealers in the United States this month

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The US produces just 12% of the world’s computer chip supply. Here’s why it’s trailing China when it comes to manufacturing and how it plans to get ahead.

President Joe Biden holds a semiconductor chip at the White House in Washington, U.S., February 24, 2021. Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

  • The US relies heavily on outsourcing chip-making since it’s cheaper and easier to go overseas.

  • The country’s reliance on foreign manufacturers is even more glaring amid the global chip shortage.

  • The solution, as President Biden has said, is to invest in domestic chip production.

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A crushing computer chip shortage continues to choke the global supply chain.

Automakers are producing vehicles without smart technology – which requires chips – Apple’s MacBook and iPad production

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