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Microsoft Teams bug is prompting users to select a certificate

A recent Microsoft Teams update is causing a “Select a certificate” prompt to be displayed to Teams users before they can use the software.

The issue started this morning and causes a “Select a certificate” prompt for to be shown while logging into the service.

Microsoft Teams select a certificate prompt
Microsoft Teams select a certificate prompt
Source: dgh19811

Microsoft has acknowledged the bug and is tracking the issue under the ‘TM261228’ advisory, where they state a recent update to the software is causing the problem.

“We’ve determined a recent deployment, designed to improve service performance, is inadvertently causing impact. We’re reverting the update while

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Fastly blames global internet outage on software bug

LONDON — Fastly, the company hit by a major outage that caused many of the world’s top websites to go offline briefly this week, blamed the problem on a software bug that was triggered when a customer changed a setting.

The problem at Fastly meant internet users couldn’t connect to a host of popular websites early Tuesday, including The New York Times, the Guardian, Twitch, Reddit and the British government’s homepage.

“We experienced a global outage due to an undiscovered software bug that surfaced on June 8 when it was triggered by a valid customer configuration change,” Nick Rockwell, Fastly’s

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Software Bug Delays Ingenuity Helicopter’s 4th Mars Flight

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NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter was supposed to complete its fourth flight early yesterday, but data beamed back to Earth indicates that did not happen. NASA isn’t worried, though. This appears to be the same issue that caused the delay in Ingenuity’s first flight timeline. NASA says it’s planning to try this one again today, and we should know in a few hours whether or not it was successful. 

Because Mars is so far away, NASA doesn’t control Ingenuity or Perseverance in real-time. Instead, it

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Mysterious bug is deleting Microsoft Teams, SharePoint files

Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams users report files are missing or moved to the Recycle Bin after the recent Azure Active Directory outage this week.

On Monday, Microsoft suffered a massive outage that affected almost all cloud services, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Xbox Live, Exchange Online,, and SharePoint.

Microsoft later confirmed that the outage was caused by a configuration issue in their Azure Active Directory service. 

SharePoint and OneDrive continue to have issues

Since Tuesday, BleepingComputer has spoken to numerous Microsoft SharePoint administrators bombarded with client calls about missing files in their SharePoint folders.

When the admins look

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China-based hackers exploit bug in Microsoft software to steal from U.S. companies

China-based government hackers have exploited a bug in Microsoft’s email server software to target U.S. organizations, the company said Tuesday.

Microsoft said that a “highly skilled and sophisticated” state-sponsored group operating from China has been trying to steal information from a number of American targets, including universities, defense contractors, law firms and infectious-disease researchers.

Microsoft said it has released security upgrades to fix the vulnerabilities to its Exchange Server software, which is used for work email and calendar services, mostly for larger organizations that have their own in-person email servers. It doesn’t affect personal email accounts or Microsoft’s cloud-based services.

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ACIS Software ‘Bug’ Keeps Arizona Prisoners Behind Bars

Florence State Prison, Florence, AZ.

Florence State Prison, Florence, AZ.
Photo: File Photo (AP)

An Arizona law aimed at helping people with drug convictions earn early release from prison is reportedly being ignored in some cases due to flaws in state’s inmate management software, a Phoenix-area public radio station reported Monday, citing multiple government sources.

KJZZ, an NPR member station, reports that the inmate software, known as ACIS, is presently incapable of factoring in the early release credits earned by inmates—something the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) doesn’t deny. Whistleblowers within the department, however, told KJZZ that while prison employees are attempting

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