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Edgenuity’s software wasn’t meant for a pandemic. That didn’t stop some school districts.

When Nevada high schooler Simone Gardella scored a zero on a short writing assignment early last fall, she thought the grade was inaccurate. But she couldn’t find out what she might have done wrong. No human teacher had read what she wrote, and the computer program that had given her such a low mark didn’t provide any feedback.

“A robot is my teacher,” said Gardella, a senior who had taken Advanced Placement classes before the coronavirus pandemic arrived. “I put thought into it. I felt like I answered the question. But I didn’t get to find out what I did

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Microsoft switches to adaptive notification requests system in Edge browser

Microsoft is changing the notification system of the company’s Edge web browser again by switching from quiet notification requests to adaptive requests.

The company explains on the Microsoft Edge Blog that some users of the browser were having troubles finding out how to subscribe to notifications on sites after Microsoft introduced the quiet notification requests system in Edge 84. Quiet notification requests suppressed the notifications prompt and displayed an icon in the browser’s address bar instead.

Users of the browser who were bothered by the constant barrage of notification prompts on sites benefitted from the change. Microsoft noticed a decrease

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The Technology 202: Parler’s crawl back online could test tech giants in new ways

(Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post). 

Yet it remans to be seen how Apple and Google will handle Parler’s resurgence. 

Parler’s app has yet to return to Apple or Google’s app stores, making it essentially impossible for people to download the Parler app and making the service more difficult to use on mobile phones. The companies’ moves to block the social network from their stores roiled conservatives, who have alleged without evidence that tech companies are biased against them. 

Parler appears to be moving to address concerns raised by larger companies that say there’s no place for illegal

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Fed’s George: Pandemic changes in housing, work patterns could stress real estate markets

FILE PHOTO: Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank President Esther George addresses the National Association for Business Economics in Denver, Colorado, U.S. October 6, 2019. REUTERS/Ann Saphir

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States could face financial stress even as the pandemic eases if homeowners and businesses fall behind on mortgages and business leases while the economy recovers, Kansas City Federal Reserve President Esther George said on Tuesday.

George’s remarks to a real estate group injected a note of caution to the generally optimistic view that her colleagues and private forecasters have of the coming year, when the rollout of vaccinations is

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Google On The Worst it Can Do Against Black Hat SEO

Google’s John Mueller explains the strongest penalties that can be issued against sites caught using black hat SEO tactics.

Mueller provided a lengthy response in a Reddit thread to the following question:

“What’s the worst Google can do to a website if caught using black hat SEO tactics? Can I lose my website or get permanently de-indexed?”

Buckle up for one of the most detailed answers we’ve ever seen on this subject – with not a single “it depends” in sight.

Google Does Not Permanently Deindex Websites

Contrary to other responses from SEOs in the Reddit thread, Google does not

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US charges North Korean computer programmers in global hacks

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This wanted poster released by the Department of Justice shows Kim Il, who prosecutors say is a member of a North Korean military intelligence agency and carried out hacks at the behest of the government with a goal of using pilfered funds for the benefit of the regime. The Justice Department has charged three North Korean computer programmers in a broad range of global and destructive hacks, including targeting banks and a movie studio. That’s according to a newly unsealed indictment. It builds off an earlier criminal case brought in 2018. The new cases adds two additional

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