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Why isn’t my computer connecting to the internet over Wi-Fi?

Q: My desktop, which has Windows 10, intermittently doesn’t connect, via Wi-Fi, to the internet. We have a new CenturyLink router. I’m usually able to force the connection through the Network Settings. I’ve tried rebooting and sometimes that works. Recently, though, it doesn’t connect at all, no matter how many times I reboot or try to connect via the network settings. I keep clicking the Connect Automatically box, but that doesn’t work. Your most recent column in The Seattle Times mentions updating the drivers but I don’t see anything in the device manager. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Shimano Kills Off Pioneer’s Bike Computers In The Ugliest Way Possible

When Shimano acquired Pioneer’s assets a bit over a year ago, I found it hard to see how this would end well. But Shimano…congratulations, you’ve outdone yourself! Even I couldn’t have predicted the flaming dumpster fire that this is shaping up to be. And this fireworks show is just getting started, you just wait till the end of the month.

Despite Shimano’s initial claims to both continue selling and supporting Pioneer’s product lineups, we all knew that just wasn’t going to work out long term. There was little reason to do so. Shimano had their own power meter brand and

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Milton Golf to get second chance after WIAA computer glitch nearly costs them trip to state contest

MILTON, Wis. – The Milton High School Boy’s Golf team will get another chance at a trip to state, after a computer tallying error by the WIAA nearly cost them the opportunity.

Milton will face Mukwanago in a one-hole playoff Thursday morning at Riverside Golf Course in Janesville.

During Milton’s sectional contest Tuesday, results on the WIAA website showed the team coming four strokes behind Mukwanago. Shortly after, however, Mukwanago coach Jay Christiansen said a player and assistant noticed an miscalculated

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Oklahoma prison inmates to begin receiving computer tablets

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Inmates at an Oklahoma prison began receiving special computer tablets this week, as part of a Department of Corrections plan to provide secure tablets to everyone incarcerated in state prisons.

The devices, specially designed by prisons communications company Securus Technologies, will include free content such as prison policies, access to a law library, some books and educational and self-help materials. Inmates can also pay to receive music, movies, games and television programs, as well as to send and receive messages, including video messages, to and from their families. The tablets do not have unrestricted access

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Microsoft Teams bug is prompting users to select a certificate

A recent Microsoft Teams update is causing a “Select a certificate” prompt to be displayed to Teams users before they can use the software.

The issue started this morning and causes a “Select a certificate” prompt for to be shown while logging into the service.

Microsoft Teams select a certificate prompt
Microsoft Teams select a certificate prompt
Source: dgh19811

Microsoft has acknowledged the bug and is tracking the issue under the ‘TM261228’ advisory, where they state a recent update to the software is causing the problem.

“We’ve determined a recent deployment, designed to improve service performance, is inadvertently causing impact. We’re reverting the update while

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An insect-computer hybrid system for search operations in disasters

The insect-computer hybrid system. a, The hybrid system consists of a living Madagascar hissing cockroach and a wireless backpack controller. Autonomous navigation is enabled by electrical stimulating the insect’s sensory system, while the infrared camera allows for on-device human detection via image classification. b, The established navigation program cooperates harmoniously with the insect’s natural locomotive ability to deal with unknown environment during the insect’s exploration missions. By controlling the stimulation (denoted with red arrows), the algorithm successfully directed the insect through obstacles to reach predetermined targets. Only data from the on-board inertial measurement unit is used in navigation to predict
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